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Utility Management Certification
Recognition of Professional Growth and Accomplishment

UMC: The Standard for the Future

Invest In YOUR Future

  1. Gain the recognition you deserve in the water and wastewater industry.
  2. Be prepared for the future. Earn the respect you deserve.
  3. Your past experience counts towards your qualification.
  4. UMC Graduates are entered into the National UMC Registry.
  5. UMC Certification opens doors and connections.
  6. UMC eligibility takes into consideration past experience and course work.
  7. UMC certification is designed to elevate professional standards.
  8. UMC Certification is a career investment to raise the bar of management excellence.
  9. UMC Certification documents advanced knowledge and skills.

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Utility Management Certification

Today, the water and wastewater industry is more complex than ever before. Economics, increased complexity in regulatory requirements and a changing society are crafting the water and wastewater systems of tomorrow. As our industry changes, there is a strong need to recognize the individuals who provide management leadership to the industry and create a standard for the future manager to strive for, thus meeting the demands of the future. The "Utility Management Certification" program is designed to recognize the professional educational achievements of individuals and to market their achievements and skills to increase the value of today's utility manager.

Succeed In Your Career

Whether you are currently a manager or in an entry level position, the "UMC" designation will enhance your career opportunities and document your field of study as the demand for qualified management personnel increase.

Value and Recognition

The Water University and the UMC program are supported by the National RuralWater Association and your state rural water association. This unique foundation provides national and state recognition of those achieving this valuable certification. This designation will be valuable to boards and councils in the hiring process as systems become more complex and qualified candidates become more scarce due to retirements and the changing workforce.

Secure Your Future

Operator certification alone is not enough for tomorrow's manager. The future will demand different skill sets that far exceed operations. The UMC designation will document fields of study in public relations, financial planning, ethics, human resources and others skills not covered in today's operator certification programs.

We invite you to achieve the recognition of Utility Management Certification for your future and the future of your water and wastewater industry.

Sustainability and Capacity for the
Industry of the Future

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Utility Management Certification Application

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