Advanced Valve Technologies Unit

New Advanced Valve Technologies Unit for Sale

Tohono O’odham Utility Authority has a brand new Advanced Valve Technologies (EZ Valve) unit for line sizes 4” through 12” we would be interested in selling if you know of anyone who might be interested.  This unit was purchase new in 2010 and is still on the pallet and wrapped from delivery.  This unit cost approximately $50,000 then and could be an extreme time saver when replacing valves that need to be done without disruption of water service.  There is No tapping machine required, No temporary Valve required, No Coupon to drop, and No heavy equipment to transport t and move around the jobsite or operate.  Additional information can be found at the website  We would like to get $35,000 for this equipment but would entertain offers.  If you know someone who may be interested or would like more information on this please contact me.

Thank you,

Myrt I. McIntyre, Manager
Water, Wastewater, & Propane Dept.
Tohono O’odham Utility Authority
P.O. Box 816; Sells, AZ  85634

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Rural Water Washington Update

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Rural Water Washington Update

“What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be.”

Hydrants: Could It Be Another CCR Type of Relief Movement Starting in the House to Exempt Fire Hydrants from New & Costly “No Lead” Standards – H.R. 3588 by Rep. Johnson (OH) and Rep. Tonko (NY) would exempt fire hydrants from the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act and direct the EPA to consult with National Drinking Water Advisory Council to study potential changes needed to the Lead and Copper Rule.  NRWA and the other national water associations are pressing for reconsideration of, and flexibility in, this policy (letter to EPA).  Here is a sample support letter for H.R. 3588 to your Congressman.  EPA has scheduled a webinar the Act as it related to fire hydrants for Monday.  If you would like to make comments to EPA, please register (EPA registration).

Why Is Ohio Becoming a Center of National Water Policy? the recent effort to exempt fire hydrants from the lead reduction law and the new effort to authorize the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Art are emanating from Ohio (more).  We asked Ohio Rural Water’s executive director why is their state so active?  He replied, “Because we have a dedicated legislative committee who are working hard year-round to promote rural water initiatives.”

Farm Bill Update – Farm bill talks stumbled badly Thursday and Chairman Lucas (OK) said it would be “very challenging” now for him to meet the Republican leadership’s schedule of having a final agreement back on the House floor by Dec. 13 (more).

From AWWA: “AWWA urges action as WIFIA moves to conference – the U.S. House and Senate negotiators have begun deliberations to iron out a single WRDA bill… The question now is whether or not WIFIA will end up in the final bill, and if so, what form it will take.  WIFIA would represent an important step forward in addressing the nation’s water infrastructure challenge.  It is designed to complement, not replace, existing State Revolving Funds…  It is now critical for utilities with Senators and Representatives serving on the conference committee to begin reaching out to them and urging that WIFIA be included in the final bill, and that certain crucial changes be made in order to make it a viable program. We have posted a letter template for e-mails, talking points and a two-page paper describing the corrections needed to the Senate WIFIA proposal to assist with this outreach.”
Fox News Covers, “EPA Power Grab” – states claim new EPA water rule could bring feds into your backyard (Fox News).

Utility Regulators Call for New Rate-making Rules for Water – as the NARUC annual conference Nov. 20.  The new rate-making regulations would change how utilities determine charges for water supply and wastewater treatment, giving more weight to funding the expensive, fixed-cost investment in waterworks and, thus, relatively less weight to by-the-gallon charges customers pay for the water they consume (new resolution).

Wellington and Napoleon, Missouri Have 1,000 People Combined, Were Taken for $1.5 Million by Treasurer – who admitted in federal court this week that he stole the money.  He embezzled $939,485.53 from the road district and $590,674.37 from the fire district (more).

Albany (GA) Water, Gas & Light Treatment Plant Shuts Down After Finding 100,000 Gallons/day Leak – “If that leak continues it could undermine the foundation. If we lose the foundation the structure up underneath the tank, it could collapse. The whole tank would have to come down if part of it were to come out,” (more).

U.S. EPA Chief Visit Disadvantaged Rural Communities with Bad Water – says it is “unacceptable” (more).

One Call Error Shuts Down Water in Oklahoma – one Osage County town goes without water Thursday after gas company crews severed a main (more).

Why Has the Source of Life Become a Source of Global Tension (AlJazeera)?

Congressman Blumenauer (OR) Water Infrastructure Legislation – the Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund Act of 2013 (more).

Minnesota Nitrate Testing in 70,000 Wells (more).

MO Rural Water Goes to Solar Energy – last Friday, their solar array was activated.  The association looks to advance this idea in water supplies, saying, “your water system can potentially capture even more savings on your electrical costs. City halls, water district offices,  pump stations, water and wastewater plants … virtually any facility that uses electricity may be a candidate for a system (more).

Wisc. Drug Take Back Program Sees 19 Tons of Drugs in October Greencheesebayland is ranked 4th in the nation in the total amount collected, trailing only the much larger states of California, Texas and New York (more).

EPA Seeks Comments on Their New Strategic Plan by January (ASDWA news).